Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Flower

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Our jars of CBD Hemp Flower from Champion Hemp Farms are a great choice for the traditional cannabis enthusiast.

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Our jars of CBD Hemp Flower from Champion Hemp Farms are a great choice for the traditional cannabis enthusiast.


What is Hemp Flower?

At Champion Hemp Farms our hemp flower is harvested from the tops of the best plants and then slowly dried and cured to absolute perfection. Enthusiasts know that these flowers or “buds” contain the highest concentration of cannabinoids commonly found in the trichomes of the dense hemp flowers.

Slow-cured hemp flower is often amongst the most sought-after CBD products, as it is ideal for traditional smoking. Cured hemp flower is rich in cannabidiol (CBD), flavonoids, terpenes, and other cannabinoids and when these compounds work together they can produce the  “entourage effect” when smoked or consumed.

All of our Champion Hemp Farm’s Hemp Flower are tested in 3rd party labs and this year’s results were between 18 – 20% CBD, with less than 0.3% delta-9 THC.


How do I use Hemp Flower?

We find that most CBD consumers often prefer hemp flower for more traditional consumption choices such as rolling their own joints, smoking from a pipe, or using a vaporizer to ingest their CBD.


What is the difference between Hemp Flower and CBD Pre-Rolled Joints?

We get this question a lot! At Champion Hemp Farms, all of our premium CBD Pre-Rolls are made from hemp flower, however, they are packed with the trimmings of the buds which contains the trichome-rich CBD “shake”, a more sugar-leaf mixture that has been refined for joint rolling. Our Hemp Flowers are nuggets of solid hemp buds that are hand-trimmed from only the best plants on our farm. We harvest these “colas” in the middle of the night under the moonlight when the buds are at their densest cannabinoid-rich moment. All harvested flower then goes through a minimum of a 12-week drying and slow-curing process before being tumbled, trimmed, and jarred for consumption. All of our hemp flowers were harvested in the 2020 growing season on our farm in Western, Pennsylvania.



Hemp Flower Jars come in three forms:

  • 3.5 Gram Jars
  • 7 Gram Jars
  • 14 Gram Jars (two 7 gram jars at the moment)


Current Strains

  • Early Nueve – 19.8% CBD \ >.3% Delta-9 & Total THC


Shipping CBD Hemp Flowers

All orders are shipped via the US Post Office. Jars are QR -coded, vacuum-sealed, and shipped in plain packaging with no mention of the contents inside. All hemp flower sales will include a Certificate of Analysis as well as a packing slip with the state license information required for shipment.

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Early Nueve


1/8 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz


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